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Automate To Dominate

Jun 29, 2020

Donnie Boivin is an Author, the CEO of Success Champions, the Host of Success Champions Podcasts, Success Champions Magazine and Founder of Badass Business Summit.

At 22 fresh out of the Marine Corps, he landed his first straight sales job, and for 20 years, he learned what it took to be successful in sales, business &...

Jun 22, 2020

Tammy Fink is a professional graphic designer turned branding strategist. She helps people become BRAND CHAMPIONS within their own company or organization. She is the owner of Blue Water Designs and have been doing graphic design for over 30 years. She had clients on a National level, East and West Coast, have...

Jun 15, 2020

Cody Jefferson is a husband and a father. These roles are sacred to him and he value them above everything else.

He is also an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Life and Business Strategist and is recognized as one of the industry’s most prominent voices in personal and professional development coaching. Cody is...

Jun 8, 2020

Aleasha is the owner of Aleasha Bahr Sales and Marketing and she is the queen of closing high end ticket sales. She is also a passionate dog rescue advocate and a travel enthusiast.

After 13 years of successfully closing 90-100% of her 5 and 6 figure meetings, she now helps business owners and their sales teams put...

Jun 2, 2020

Public Speaking is an Efficient and Effective Marketing Tool


Aurora Gregory is a Marketer, a Coach, an Author and a Speaker.

As an eighth grader, Aurora was a finalist in a speech contest.  She didn’t win, but that just might have been the start of her career as a communicator.

She is the co-author of “Get Picked:...