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Automate To Dominate

Jan 18, 2021

Kevin Snow is an Army Veteran and the Founder/Chief Sales Strategist of Time On Target. He is also a best-selling author and a professional public speaker specializing in 'word of mouth' marketing and how to best tell your story to get business. 

Kevin founded Time On Target in 2012 after his deployment in Iraq and Kuwait. He is passionate about developing effective sales strategies and processes and help entrepreneurs succeed in their business. He has served as a consultant and trainer to thousands of business owners and sales professionals, helping them close millions of sales by leveraging their existing relationships and strategically communicating their product across their potential market. His Comany, Time On Target is focused on optimizing a company's sales programs to improve sales performance, helping them grow through effective sales and marketing strategy execution. 

In this episode, we pick Kevin's brain on Automation and Strategic Marketing tailor-fitted to the business' core values.


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